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Stories, Jokes and Memories

If you have a story, a joke, a memory, a thought, a wish, anything that you would like to share related to David, please click the button below.
Memories ...


I met David at AlAnon Tuesday meetings where I also met Judith. I usually went to the Desert Artisans' Gallery open houses where he introduced me to Nia. David would walk around with me and give me insights about water color, and special talents of his colleague artists at the open houses. We met for coffee infrequently and he liked to share his latest jokes and often some helpful AlAnon-related insights; and during our last coffee he kindly shared a Sanskrit Proverb when I mentioned some feelings of depression. What a great and kind man and role model. No wonder we all miss him. I cherish the two water colors I bought that he painted.

Inspiration ...


David was an inspiration to me and I will miss him.  He is the type of person that I will always remember.

Condolences ...


My husband, Stanley, and I did not know David very well, or meet him more than once, in Tucson, But he was a kind, wonderful, supportive friend to my sister, Nia. They met shortly after he settled there, brought together by mutual friends. They found a common ground of jokes, puns and laughter. Their friendship was sincere and lasted more than 20 years. He was always helpful to her, and we miss hearing about their activities and dinners together. We did have a few samples of his artwork, and admired it. He had a good hand and eye for painting. That was another area of interest that he shared with Nia, as well as going along with her to many quilting exhibits! We send our sincere condolences to his family on the loss of their father and grandfather.

Gratitude ...


He and I met in Al-Anon when he moved to Tucson and began a one to one relationship in 2006. I wish I had a story or joke to tell. I know I miss him very much, especially Tuesday our meeting day and Wed and Sat when we got together. 

David's Tucson Days ...

Gretchen Huff, fellow artist and friend

I don't know exactly when David moved to Tucson, Arizona, but in February of 2003 he completed his trial year and became a valued and well-loved member of Desert Artisans’ Gallery. 


His incredible skill as an artist brought amazing paintings to grace our walls and his quiet humor Kept us chuckling.  His skill with airbrush and fine detail was amazing. 


In Tucson, David met his significant other, Nia Clark. Together they attended our many functions and kept us all chuckling.  Theirs was a special bond that lasted for 22 years until David’s death.

David was a favorite at Desert Artisans' and we are very sad to have to say goodbye.

Tribute ...

Sage Boyd, Artist at Desert Artisans

A very sweet man and talented artist. I only knew him a short time, but I liked him.

Memories ...


I had the great pleasure of meeting David when Tricia invited me to spend a few days on the Vineyard. He was so warm, funny and a gracious and entertaining host. I have such fond memories of that trip. I am very thankful and appreciative to have one of David's beautiful seascapes hanging in my living room. It never ceases to amaze me how intricate and stunning it is. Such a talented artist but more important a kind and gentle man. 

Memories ...


When I married in 1965, David painted an oil of South Beach for me. It has been my treasure ever since. When my parents died, I inherited four watercolors of the Vineyard that he had done and so my treasure was multiplied. I will always remember David's kindness and quiet wit. He loved his children Tricia and Jeff. He was a wonderful guy and the world is poorer without him and his art. May he rest in peace.

Memories ...


What an amazing tribute.  The photos and stories made me smile. Although I didn't know David well I remember his quiet, kind presence. My thoughts are with his wonderful extended family. I am sure he will be missed and know he will be thought of often.

Memories ...


As one of David's stepsons I have so many fond memories of dinners at the Katama house, where he would skillfully pass on jokes which in that era came into the bank on a near daily basis. A few have stuck with me for 40+ years, and in David's honor and memory I'll retell my all-time favorite here, which was originally delivered in David's unequalled deadpan style:


Two brothers, ages 6 an 4, are in their bedroom when the 6-year-old announces that they're old enough to use swear words just like the grownups; he tells his younger brother "I'll say "hell", and you say "ass". The next morning at the breakfast table mom first asks the 6 yr old: "What would you like for breakfast?" He replies: "Oh what the hell, I'll have pancakes." She grabs him by the collar, drags him straight to the sink for a mouthful of soap, then tosses him back into the bedroom and slams the door. Composing herself, she returns to the table and calmly asks the 4 yr old: "OK-- so what would YOU like for breakfast?" He replies: "I don't know-- but you can bet your ass it's not pancakes."


David would often laugh at the jokes he told after delivering the punch line, and that laughter was always contagious. In recent years I would forward good jokes to him by email, and when we'd talk on the phone-- often for an hour or more-- he remained a master of delivery, with that singular post-punchline laugh. How I'll miss those conversations-- but will smile and chuckle any time I hear a joke I think David would enjoy. And how glad I am that we have a good number of his prints and paintings right here where they were created.

Remembering David


I am so glad to be able to share a word about David.... Though I haven't seen him for years, I was well acquainted with him on the Vineyard, and later in Tucson during the Christmas holidays when I was there visiting my brother. Several of us, all artists, would hit every gallery we could find ... we covered a lot of territory! He was a very good artist, but most of all, to me, just such a great guy!!! I can't remember any kind of negative vibe from him - ever! That's saying something knowing the escapades my pals and I were probably trying to pull him into.... not that he wouldn't resist, but he would always acquiesce with his quiet, "diplomatic" humor. Thank you for posting this, and I hope you will find peace and grace in remembering him.

David stories ...


I knew David from his years living in Edgartown. He was a friend and I always enjoyed his company. One winter, I had the pleasure of taking an art class with him in the use of pastels. It was wonderful, light, informal and often funny!! One evening, one of the more serious in the group, with great interest and concern, asked David what his views were on using white in a painting. Should one use white , accent with blacks and purples, or simply leave the paper blank? David thought a moment, then responded with, “ I just use what works. I’d use seagull shit if it worked”! Some of us howled with laughter, Although the one who had asked the question, was silent and I do believe was quite taken back by David's answer. David was a great guy. I have missed him not being in Edgartown Godspeed, David 

Memory ...


After I graduated from college, I explored a number of options and finally decided to go to law school.  When I told Dad, I expected some kind of response about it being a good career or whatever.  What he actually said was, “Do you know what you call a boat full of lawyers at the bottom of the sea?  A good start!!”  Teasing me, of course; I know he was very proud of me.  From that day, he sent me a regular supply of lawyer jokes to make sure I kept a good perspective. (-: 

I will be forever grateful ...


David gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life, my best friend, the love of my life, his daughter, Tricia. 


David's sense of humor was always in play ...


Several years ago, upon finding out that I was sporting hearing aids, David shared the following:

Three old men were walking down the beach.  The first says to the other two, "Wow is it windy out today", the second replies "Wednesday?  No its Thursday!", to which the last man replies, "Yeah, I'm thirsty too, let's head to the bar!".

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